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Computer Training

File Management Checklist

Strong File Management skills are an essential Prerequisite to every software course. Can you do all of the following functions?

  • Design and create an effective folder and sub folder structure to manage files
  • Launch Windows Explorer using a variety of methods
  • Define all the parts of a file path
  • List common file extensions. Explain file extensions and file associations
  • Select consecutive and non-consecutive files in a list
  • Identify and use common types of drives including internal, portable and networked
  • Explain the difference between Save and Save As
  • Open or save files with software other than their default (e.g., save a file within MS-Word as a pdf)
  • Identify a read-only file and know how to make a file read-only
  • Safely download files from the Web and store them in a specific location
  • Explain how different programs access the same files
  • Use search parameters to find files and folders

If not, take File Management before taking a software course

Basic Computer Skills

Computers - Level 1 for PCs

Are you frustrated with your computer??Let us help you build your confidence and enhance your productivity. Learn the basics of your Windows?operating system including how to manage and back up your files, transfer pictures from your camera or phone, and create files using software already on your computer. Explore the Internet and its functions such as searching safely, managing home pages, saving your favourite websites, wikis, blogs and a brief look at social media. Use e-mail more efficiently?including attaching and downloading. Course manual included. No previous experience required.

  • "Instructor?was excellent and very patient, had great knowledge, and gladly answered all questions and explained the answers." D.D.??
2019W BSCM 501G 001 ? Jan 25 - Jan 29 (2 sessions) ? Caroline Rissley
  • Tues Fri ? 9:00am-4:00pm ? Lansdowne
  • $295+GST

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2019W BSCM 501G 002 ? Apr 29 - Apr 30 (2 sessions) ? Caroline Rissley
  • Mon Tues ? 9:00am-4:00pm ? Lansdowne
  • $295+GST

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Keeping Up With Digital Technology - For the Boomer Generation New

Do you own a modern cell phone, computer and maybe a tablet, yet still feel like you aren’t keeping up with technology? Does synching your data and apps sound daunting? Reduce your frustration, take control of your devices and gain or improve your ability to make sense of technical challenges in this course designed for those 55+. We will explore many cloud servers and apps for your phone; synchronize your content (contacts, music, photos, files, etc) on all your devices; share and forward stuff with ease (cloud vs email vs social media). Adjust your settings to access cloud storage directly from programs like Word; markup and manage PDF files in the cloud; transfer photos from cameras and phones; and use free photo editing apps to enhance and share your pictures and videos, all from any of your devices. Bring your questions!

Note: We will be using PC's in the classroom, but bring your Tablets, Ipads, Androids and Iphones.

Sorry, this course is not offered at this time.

Adobe Software

Acrobat Pro

Offered once a year only!
Acrobat is a PDF magician! Digitize your documents, create EDocs for mobile devices and so much more. This workshop will help you get the most out of Acrobat. Learn to design interactive electronic forms easily and compile the data in an Excel worksheet. Protect your content such as restricting printing and watermarking. Remove confidential content with?redactions. Use trustworthy digital signatures (not just an image of your sig). Extract or edit?text and graphics from within a?PDF. Create one portfolio from many programs and formats. Develop?actions?that customize repetitive processes and more.?

Prerequisites: designed for intermediate computer users with strong Word and file management skills.? Optional Textbooks: Adobe Acrobat DC Classroom in a Book (ISBN 9780134844756). Note: please do not purchase text prior to course confirmation.

2018F BSCM 539G 001 ? Nov 7 - Nov 8 (2 sessions) ? Caroline Rissley
  • Wed Thur ? 9:00am-4:00pm ? Interurban
  • $325+GST

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Illustrator CC

Learn to create your own professional quality vector graphics, artwork, logos and more. Includes selection and drawing tools; typography and text; working with colour palettes; incorporating images from Photoshop or other programs; using layers, and much more.

Prerequisites: Designed for confident, intermediate computer users with?strong file management skills.
Required Textbook: Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book (approx $80).

  • "I found NIki very knowledgeable and approachable when asking questions and giving the lessons. I would recommend the course because if you are new to vector?and Illustrator?there is a lot to learn?and it helps to have a real person to learn from." S.H.
  • "Niki was super knowledgeable and an awesome teachers. Engaging. Lots of hands-on time during class." L.A.
2018F BSCM 541G 001 ? Nov 8 - Dec 13 (5 sessions) ? Niki Campbell
  • Thur ? 6:30pm-9:30pm ? Interurban
  • Thur ? 6:30pm-9:30pm ? Interurban
  • $400+GST

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For the Nov 8 - Dec 13 offering, there is NO CLASS NOV 15. It is a condensed version of the course with 5 sessions, with a cost reduction of $50.

InDesign CC

Learn to use Adobe's most versatile design and layout tool. This course will cover the basics – setting up a document, working with frames, layers and style sheets; adding graphics; exporting and output; working with text and more.

Prerequisites: Designed for confident, intermediate computer users with strong file management skills.
Textbook: Purchase optional textbook, Adobe InDesign CC Classroom in a Book (approx. $79) before first class.?

  • "If you need to learn about InDesign, this is the course for non-designers." Anon
  • "I recommend this course.?I have become much more proficient after dabbling in the program for a couple of years. I will use the program far more often for more applications after this class."?D.D.
2018F BSCM 640G 001 ? Oct 29 - Dec 10 (6 sessions) Cancelled